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Dec 28, 2012 9:00pm PST
and present to you the grand entry of our eagle staff and our dancers. here we go. bring em in. carrying the first flag of this nation, of this land, the eagle staff larry harristan. how about a round of applause for larry? thank you larry. bringing in our dancers. (drums). good to see you. our southern and northern dancers. welcome ladies. welcome. followed by our jingle "dancing with dancers. welcoming our dancers as well. our northern traditional dancers followed by our grass dancers. how about a big round for applause for all ours dancers? good to see you. (drums). going over to our group over here. flag song. please. long before the national anthem composed by francis scott key the 50 people that this land. >> >> the first people that this land had these fight songs, national anthems for these tribes, paying homage to the first flag of this land, the eagle staff. remembering our veterans as well, the warriors whether going to battle or returning from battle paying homage to their service, paying homage to this flag. always honored our veterans, our warriors. (chantin
Dec 29, 2012 3:00am PST
is an eagle. the eagle holds an olive branch to show that united states will always seek peace. let me say not only peace, but the united states will always seek solutions to problems. we're a pragmatic people that like to have a problem [speaker not understood] and do something about it. and the other talon the eagle holds arrows to show that the united states understands that if you're going to be successful and effective in seeking peace, you must be strong. and i would say strong, and i'll use that word a little bit more loosely and say competent. you must be able to do things. so, if you take that image and you have objectives on the one talon and capability on the other, and you marry them together, that's what we in the united states have been doing, particularly since the end of world war ii. then there we were having propelled the three worlds to victory. the other of us having seen we had an aggressive adversary on our hands and looking back what a horrible last century or so, we had to do better. and we did it by this iteration of objectives and capabilities. and we put together
FOX Business
Dec 28, 2012 8:00pm EST
and let other students harasser and subject her to an emotional distress. to our legal eagles in tonight's let me be brief segment, trial attorneys says -- samantha has a good case. debra plumb sides with the school. deborah, let's start with you. why is the school right? >> the school was not involved. the teacher was acting in an individual capacity, not in her official capacity. granted, her actions were completely wrong. the evidence does not support that the school had promulgated a policy of limiting the students' free-speech, so the school is absolutely not liable. tom: how can she not be part of my employers work if i'm performing my teaching duties. aren't i basically representing the school? >> you are, but i would say this is an exception to that. this teachers actions were completely wrong, and they were not following the policy of the school. the school allowed the students to dress down for the day. it typically have to wear uniforms. the students made this choice. the teacher went out on a complete land and reacted completely inappropriately. that was not consistent with w
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)